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The Fishing and Season

The perfect destination to enjoy the Argentina trout fishing

The Fishing Experience

Patagonia is the most attractive destination in South America, clean rivers, creeks, streams and lakes loosen by the mountains makes Aluminé (city where we’re based) the perfect destination to enjoy the Argentina trout fishing.

Our trips are customized according to the anglers’ needs and desires, and trips as short as three days or as long as one week are easily executed.

Nomads experience is a unique blend of inspiring waters, varied fishing, beautiful scenery, interesting culture, lasting friendships and unrivaled service, complemented by gourmet and regional cuisine, delicious wines and first-class accommodations.

There are few places in the world where you can enjoy the diversity and quality of fishing offered in Patagonia, but careful planning and execution are critical to getting the most out of your fly fishing trip.


Trouts ( brown trout, brook trout and rainbow ) also perch and landlocked salmon

Nomads Outfitters

Streams, Rivers, & Lakes:

Alumine area is one of the most diverse and rich area in Patagonia Argentina for fly fishing. Anglers from all over the world join us to practice dry fly and technical fly fishing looking for the perfect hooked!
Most of the fishing is wading and we usually do 1 or 2 days of floting in the major rivers, this way we can cover more water and experience different parts of the river.

Some of the Rivers we fish in Alumine area are:
Malalco, Alumine, Puipicon, Quillen, Ruca Choroy, Pulmari, Llamuco and Calfiquitra.


Lake fishing in Patagonia can be super productive with XL trout measured in pounds, not inches. From the lodge we are a short travel distance to some world class lakes with trophy brown, brook and rainbow trout.

Some of these lakes are Tromen, Quillen, Alumine, Pulmari and Rucachoroi

Secret spots & spring creeks:
We also fish some private parts of rivers inside big ranchs that protect and hide some unique fishing ponds in the area where we can catch very good trophys with both dry flies and streamers.

The fishing and season

Patagonia is the most attractive destination in South America, clean rivers, creeks, streams and lakes.

The Lodge

The lodge in located in to the heart of the mountains, surrounded by creeks and nature, Nomad’s trout lodge is one of the best places to convine fishing and relax

Wild Red Stag Hunting

During March and April The rut takes place making the perfect time to convine trout fishing with free range red stag hunting


Rates are per person based on single occupancy and shared guide. You can see a detail of our rates from this link

Gear and Tackle

Our recommendations in gear and tackle for your trip of trout fish in Argentina.

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