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Trout Fishing

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Recommended Fishing Equipment

Trout Fishing

Fishing Equipment


Use 9-foot 4, 5, and 6-weight rods, reels with good disc drags, and pack a selection of floating lines and sink-tip setups (200-grain integrated tips work great). Back-up rods are always recommended.


Should have a minimum of 100 yards of backing and an adjustable drag


Weight-forward floating fly lines are the norm on the rivers we fish at Northern Patagonia. Whatever you fish in Montana or the Rockies will also work great on our waters.

We like WF lines by RIO, Airflo, and SA. Also bring an integrated sinking line for streamers fishing. These lines should have anywhere from 10 to 20 feet of 200- to 300-grain sinking tips.

For stillwaters, think full-sinking and clear intermediate lines for streamers in deeper water. And always include a floater for dries.

Waders and boots with felt soles to walk on the rivers while wading, wading jacket, light rain coat, fleece.


Leaders: 9-foot 1X for streamers and 9-foot 3X to 5X for dy flies. You will also need extra tippet spools from 5X to 1X


we recommend a typical Western trout fly selection for local rivers: hoppers, Chernobyl ants, stimulators, humpies and wulffs in #8-12; beadhead nymphs in #14-20, tan and olive caddis patterns in #14 – 16; mayfly parachutes, emergers, and cripples in #14-20; and a selection of streamers (conehead buggers, matukas, muddler minnows, and bunny leeches).

Reccommended flies

• Quigley Cripple
• Adams Parachutte
• CDC Mayfly
• Chernobyl Ant
• Green Inch Worm (Gusano de Sauce)
• Antron Pelecho
• Elk Hair Caddies
• Soft Hackle Biot
• BH Fox Squirell Nymph R. Legs
• Copper John
• Zorrita
• Matuka Suri
Trout Fishing

Location Weather

From November to Febreary the weather is mainly hot and nice, but we always reccommend to bring cold weather gear cause in Patagonia Argentina a cold front can come in from the mountains and ruine your fishing day.
Trout Fishing


Lamb, argentinean beef, home made pasta, and local & polular dishes. Argentinean wines, beers and spirits.
Trout Fishing

Location & Logistics

The lodge is located close to Alumine City, between the typical canyons at the edge of a magic stream.

Local flight from Buenos Aires city to San Martin de los Andes city.
( 2 Hours Flight Non Stop)

In and Out flights are at mid-day.

Once landed in San Martin de Los Andes, pick up and transfer to the lodge. ( 2:45 Hours drive from the Airport )

Trout Fishing

Activities for Non Fisher and Family

Hiking, Mountain Bike Tours, Trecking, Rafting, Horseback Riding and city Tours.
( Ask us for more information )

The fishing and season

Patagonia is the most attractive destination in South America, clean rivers, creeks, streams and lakes.

The Lodge

The lodge in located in to the heart of the mountains, surrounded by creeks and nature, Nomad’s trout lodge is one of the best places to convine fishing and relax

Wild Red Stag Hunting

During March and April The rut takes place making the perfect time to convine trout fishing with free range red stag hunting


Rates are per person based on single occupancy and shared guide. You can see a detail of our rates from this link

Gear and Tackle

Our recommendations in gear and tackle for your trip of trout fish in Argentina.

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