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Golden Dorado Fishing

Join us in a unique fly fishing experience

Tucked away on the banks of the Corrientes River in the city of Esquina in Argentina this hidden gem offers prized fresh water Dorado fly fishing in a truly spectacular wetland wilderness. As our guests you will experience the thrill of sport fishing the famous golden dorado on pristine rivers, share delicious meals with friends and relax in our elegantly decorated lodge and guest rooms. We are a fly fishing, horseback riding and relaxing destination and welcome the non anglers of your group.

Golden dorado is described as a prehistoric-looking salmon. A pretty accurate depiction. Dorado are also strikingly beautiful, extremely strong, and they jump when hooked. Also a pretty good recipe for a freshwater gamefish.

Dorado typically range in size from 4 to 12 pounds. In some fisheries, much larger fish are common. The dorado is an acrobatic jumper and a prodigious fighter. Once fooled with a fly, their arm-wrenching strike is a testament to their ferocity. Join us at our Golden Dorado lodge in Esquina, Corrientes.

The fishing and season

Join us for the ultimate fresh water fly fishing of the golden dorado in the Corrientes and Parana Rivers of Argentina!

The Lodge

The central hub of the lodge is the outdoor veranda and a large elegantly decorated dining and living room with leather sofas


Our guides have been exploring the area and its dorado fishing itself for more years than most. Do follow their advice.


Rates are per person based on single occupancy and shared guide. You can see a detail of our rates from this link

Gear and Tackle

Dorado fishing requires casting large flies in high temperatures. If you think your casting abilities are not up to it or want to take a break during the day, we suggest you bring a casting or spinning rod.

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